French Pizza Championship

  • French Pizza Championship

    2017 French Pizza Championship

    In 2017, more than 150 contestants will battle over the two days of the show to become the new Champion.

    The Championship contestants will first be selected during the France Pizza Tour, made up of 16 regional stages aiming to discover the most talented pizza chefs in France. The best pizza chefs from each regional heat will meet to compete for the overall title before an exceptional judging panel.

    Competition takes place in several categories: speed, acrobatic, widest pizza, by the slice (in teglia), and the headline category, the classic round pizza.


    The grand finals will take place at Parizza on 15 & 16 March 2017.


    After 2 days of competition, the 2016 French Champion of Pizza was announced to the public. Who will follow in the footsteps of Nabil BERRAHMANE, the 2016 champion?


    Nabil Berrahmane - Champion de France de la Pizza, Parizza 2016


    The heats and qualified contestants in the France Pizza Tour 2017 :

    17/10/2016 - RENNES 
    Qualified contestants: Ali Ghani, Olivier Mazzadi, Yoan Roselet, Stéphane Clocher, Mickaël Hamonic, Yannick Saintot, Luc Denou, Jacky Denou, Toni Capasa et Yoann Barreau

    24/10/2016 - GRENOBLE
    Qualified contestants: Alain Michel, Domique Zucaro, Julien Antoniolli, Maxime Ballanza, Senad Alijevic, Baykal Yildiz, William Szyndralewicz, Maxime André, Benjamin Fischer et Laurent Raimondo

    07/11/2016 - CANNES
    Qualified contestants: Mathieu Franceschini, Jean-Michel Buecheler, Romain Malaussene, Wilfried Magnet, Antonio Vertola, Vincent Caloy, Marcello Bianco, Karl Legrand, Lorenzo Poletti, Romuald Grolleau

    07/11/2016 - BIARRITZ
    Qualified contestants: Giuseppe Bonanno, David Feral, Rémi Barthe, Remi Mangione, Jérôme Falco, Haitem Noujoum, Mathieu Remi, Patrick Bellegarde, Mathilde Sirech, David Duchatel

    14/11/2016 - PERPIGNAN
    Qualified contestants:: Jean L'Helgouach, Christophe Toix, Nicolas Peiro, Laurent Michel, Laurent Courtequisse, Tony Monard, Morgan Manifacier, Laurent Martin, Younide Daijardin, Florian Thimothee

    21/11/2016 - BORDEAUX
    Qualified contestants: Guillaume Garabos, Benjamin Avila, Mathilde Sirech, Mathieu Remy, Stephane Archat, Damien Feroux, Yannick Aguado, Pascale Bierge, Gregory Lebon, Patrick Bellegarde

    27/11/2016 - LA REUNION
    Qualified contestants: Nicolas Sadehe, Laurent Marsan, Emmanuel Monteil, Jean-Louis Hoarau, Cédric Hoarau, Messuia Wong Fong, Jean-Max Techer, Eddy Monte, Jeremy Lebreton, Jonathan Orance

    28/11/2016 - MONTPELLIER
    Qualified contestants: Alexandre Mazet, Laurent Martin, Jean Michel Rat, Morgan Manifacier, Aurélien Negre, Yoan Garcin, Francesco Rallo, Benjamin Lelarge, Angelo Mara, Julien Malta

    28/11/2016 - DIJON
    Qualified contestants: Sébastien Masson, Jonathan D'Angelo, Olivizer D'Angelo, Giacomo Citro, Yohann Mercier, Cyril Meline, Michel Verand, Claude Francois, Anthony Dambra et Pascal Ferre

    16/01/2017 - TOULOUSE
    Qualified contestants: Jordi Bohn, Lorenzo Palmerio, Franc Portillo, Sébastien Luya, Pasquale Cantisani, Nicolas Geneste, Jeff Terras, Christophe Oziard, Gianluca Martorana, Isabelle Gianolla, Kevin Rossi, Antony Roncallo

    24/01/2017 - LYON
    Qualified contestants: Senad Alijevic, Farid Seghari, Turgut Aksoy, Jean-Christophe Rallo, Rudi Wendling, Laurent Raimondo, Melody Poujol, Simone Desogus, Maxime Serre, Vincent Mercier, Alexandra Morlet, Jérémy Viale, Yannick Mathiot, Jennifer Degerine

    30/01/2017 - LILLE
    Qualified contestants: Gildemyn Yvan, Scaramozzino Giulio, Trinel Cyril, Wahbi Mohammed, Ouaret Mana, Trinel Bruno, Castelli Franck, Abate Leonardo, Dumaine Jéremy et François Claude

    06/02/2017 - EPINAL

    Qualified contestants: FRANCOIS Claude, REUZE Franck, LAURITO Cosmino, YILDIZ Baykal, CITRO Giacomo, VOILQUE Sébastien, SACCO Daniele, WHABI Ahmed, DI FABIO Robert, GRANDMOUGIN Yves, DECK Jean-Baptiste, RICHARD Julien, ABSALON Grégory

    06/02/2017 - AIX EN PROVENCE
    Qualified contestants: DESOGUS Simone, DELESTREZ Romain, VILLEMINT Alex, VIALE Jérémy, BERAUD Jérémy, SOLER Adrien, GEMMA Simone, MARTY Christophe, SANTINI Serge, AMARAL Luis, BOGY Patrice, BRACCHI Laurent

    06/02/2017 - LA ROCHELLE
    Qualified contestants: MENARD Yoann, ARCHAT Stéphane, BOUDET David, CRISTIANO Francesco, PACAUD Christophe, FEROUX Damien, ARDOUNI Lamya, NAISSSANT Caroline, ROUFF Eve, LAFFORCE Arnaud, LAPORTE Blanche-Marie, BORDES Frédéric, GRATON Grégory

    13/02/2017 - NANTERRE
    Qualified contestants: Feroux Damien, Allainguillaume Jean-Michel, Ouaret Mana, Esteves José, Nahum Jordan, Synaeve Philippe, Mansour Medhat, Di Benedetto Matteo, Rispolano Nunzio, Musso Andrea, Lopresti Carmelo, Bussi Federico

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    An event held in partnership with :

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