Article - Pizza still reigns supreme in Italy and France

  • Pizza still reigns supreme in Italy and France

    It’s hard to comprehend the huge variety of pizzas on offer to consumers… Different styles – traditional Italian pizza with regional variations, New York style pizza, French pizza – mean different recipes, crust thicknesses and even types of flour.

    The shape and size also varies – round or square whole pizzas, by-the-slice, bite-size, folded over calzone style or even cone-shaped!

    Following its survey of the burger market, CHD Expert turned its attention to pizza consumption during the month of November in France and Italy, to identify consumer behaviour.


    Pizza eating trends in November

    93% of French people ate pizza in November compared to 98.5% of Italians.

    Italians ate pizza an average of 14 times in November, compared to 9 times for the French (out of a total of 60 opportunities: lunch and dinner).

    Almost 8 out of 10 Italian consumers ate pizza at least once in a pizzeria or an Italian restaurant compared to just 4 out of 10 French consumers.

    In second place is supermarket-bought pizza (fresh or frozen) with 70% of Italians having eaten at least one during the month compared with 63% of French people.

    More than two thirds of Italians ate entirely homemade pizza at least once during the month compared with just one third of French consumers.


    Market share of pizza-eating opportunities in November

    Supermarket-bought pizza (fresh or frozen) represents the largest share of the market in France, accounting for over 16% of consumption opportunities in November. In Italy, supermarket pizza sits in second place, practically the same as entirely homemade pizza.

    Pizza made at home with a ready-made crust is the second most popular option in France, accounting for almost 11% of pizza consumption in November compared with 7.6% in Italy.

    Market share for pizza purchased from fast-food outlets is similar in France and Italy. Based on our sample, pizza consumption in fast-food restaurant chains is spread virtually equally between eat-in, takeaway and home delivery in both countries.

    Finally, pizza trucks are much more popular in France, accounting for 7% of pizza consumption in November (predominantly in the south of the country) compared with just 3,9% in Italy.

    In the words of Nicolas Nouchi, Managing Director of CHD Expert Europe: “Because pizza is so quick to make, can be personalised and is great for sharing, it’s an essential food for French and Italian consumers, ending up on their plates at least once a month. It’s always popular, even when times are hard. It’s affordable for consumers and profitable for restaurant owners or manufacturers. Because it’s accessible to all sections of society, you can offer different various pizza lines aimed at all consumers indiscriminately”.



    SOURCE : CHD Expert

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