Article - The pizza market: a sound investment in franchising

  • The pizza market: a sound investment in franchising

    There are green lights all the way for the pizza market in 2015, with the French eating more pizza than they did in 2014.

    819 million. That’s the total number of pizzas consumed in France in 2015, making it the world’s second largest consumer after the United States. An increase on the previous year, showing just how much the French enjoy pizza!

    As a direct result of the upturn, revenues for independents totalled an astonishing €3.5 billion, with the number of outlets rising to 18,183, according to Gira Conseil. In commercial restaurants – franchises and chains – sales reached €800 million.
    All of which points to a bright future for the market leaders.

    Franchises performing better

    Franchisees, with a significantly smaller number of units than independents, nonetheless achieved triple the sales of independents, with an average turnover of €600,000 per unit. Implementing a methodical marketing and communication strategy is partly responsible for their commercial success.

    And to continue the winning formula, some franchisors like Del Arte and Baïla Pizza in the sit-down restaurant sector, are planning to put the emphasis on local presence and set up franchises in towns with a smaller population but strong business potential. .

    In France, « catchment areas with a population of 10,000+” » could soon host the Baïla Pizza concept. The restaurants will be « tailored to the size of the market, with a capacity of 70 to 120 seats which could generate […] revenues of €650,000-€850,000 before tax, » explains the management.

    It’s a project that has every chance of success in such a buoyant market!

    SOURCE : Observatoire de la Franchise

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